fixing the place terms

On rare occasions you will find BetConnect’s odds and place terms match the bookies exactly and if this is the case then you don’t need to do anything further, you are good to go. However, most of the time either the odds will be different or the place terms will be different (or both), in which case you need to make some slight adjustments to your lay. It’s going to sound complicated at first but don’t worry, it’s really not.

BetConnect doesn’t allow you to separate the win and place lays. That £72 bet we just put on was a combined bet of £72 on the win and £72 on the place, whether we liked it or not. What we’ll do now is sort out any overlay/underlay we may now have. Stick all your figures into an extra place calculator so that you know exactly how much you were meant to have laid.

NB: Don’t forget you need to put 1/4 odds into the place box for your lay bet, but 1/5 odds into the place box for your back bet.

At the bottom of this calculator you’ll see we should have laid £78 on the win and £65.28 on the place. We didn’t do that. We’ve got £72 on the win and £72 on the place, so we’re underlaid by £6 on the win and overlaid £6.72 on the place. No biggie, we can fix that on another exchange – all we need to do is lay £6 on the win (at 12) and back £6.72 on the place (at 3.75).

Head over to Betfair Exchange (or your preferred alternative) and find that horse you just piled in on. Bring up the same place market you just laid – in this case it’s the 4 place market:

It’s likely the odds are not exactly the same as they were on BetConnect. If the back odds are currently lower than what you want you have two options:

1) queue a back bet at the odds you want (3.75 in this example) with the stake you want (£6.72)


2) do some magic maths and back at the odds that are currently available

I have no idea what kind of magic maths would be required here so if you want to get matched straight away then you’re on your own and you’ll have to rough it. I always take option 1 and queue up what I’m after, and 99 times out of 100 it’s been matched before the race no problem.*

Once you’ve done either of these two options (which is basically trading out part of your lay to get to the exact amount you need) then you just need to lay a little more on the win to bring it in line with what the calculator told you to lay. If the lay odds are currently higher than what you want then use either the queuing option or the magic maths option.

Sometimes you’ll find the available back odds are higher or the lay odds are lower, in which case you’re in luck. Put the same stake on these better odds and it will work out in your favour.

NB: Making these adjustments does not give you a zero QL bet. If you fix both the win and place lays by the exact amount shown on the EP calculator then you will have the exact QL shown on the calculator. Evie EW will tell you when you have the opportunity for a zero QL (“Risk Free”) bet, otherwise it will be labelled “Standard EP” or “EP Potential”.

(*Disclaimer: past performance is not indicative of future results. Don’t come crying to me if you end up with something that didn’t match.)