My Normal Day

It’s a question often asked by members, what is your daily routine? So hopefully this little post will give you a little idea of what i do every day.
The first thing i do every day is the Betfred Daily Casino offer. Wager £10 for 10 free spins ( it has a +EV of £45 a month (£1.50 a day), and that variance has been very kind to me recently), i just stick to using the Savage Jungle Slot, and as a rule that’s me for Casino’s on a daily basis, as i do prefer sports, i just do!
Next on the menu, i get my daily post sorted just pointing out a few of the day’s best offers, but after that, it’s straight on to the Horse refunds for the day.
So today’s refunds let’s have a look.
Virgin have 2 refund races, 14:25 Goodwood and 16:00 at Bath, with money back if 2nd or 3rd.
Come Together 92p Came dead last 🙂 Flying Barty £1.03 ql Just over the £1 ql that i like to stick to but it came 3rd so triggers the free bet.
Livescorebet has 1 refund race 15:00 Goodwood, money back if 2nd or 3rd.
Aramantina £1.10 ql Shame it won, but it won at nearly twice the odds and gave me a profit of £40 in best odds guaranteed.
Betfred has a money back if 2nd 18:25 Pontefract
Westernesse 32p ql Just because he ql was so low..
Then the other thing ill be doing throughout the day is checking extra places, and this takes seconds, ill just open up the epc (extra place catcher) and quickly scan through the races every now and then, im looking for implied odds of 20 and over on a single extra pace race and 10 and over if there are multiple extra places up for grabs, now i will not use my main extra place bookies for mid-week, non televised racing, so i won’t touch Paddy, Sky, 365 or William Hill, but the lesser bookies i will use those if i have the time, so im going to list ones that i have done today.
Quarter Blue implied odds just over 51 16:30 poss winnings £155 if 4th
Aurora Dawn if 4th 17:00 Haydock £55 if 4th
I’m turning some decent implied odds down, of 65, 56 etc Just because they are on Bet 365, take a look at this one, 📷
Now as good as it is, i will turn it down as it is one of my golden bookmakers, but it just goes to show that the implied odds are out there, if you have the time to look.
Now if i had more time, i would be looking at the price boost thread, you can find it here, just following this thread can make you the easiest money you have ever made, just a simple back and lay to lock in profit, this will easily make back and qualifying losses you will incur should be unlucky with the days horse refunds. The more advanced members, the guys that post the big monthly profits, they will be doing all the things i have listed so far.
What else? Two of the big boys, 2 ups and dd/hh. Let’s have a look at 2 ups first.
So if you haven’t read up on this offer yet, you can find the training here, and its well worth the read, as for some members this offer has made them thousands of pounds, now you may be gubbed by the original 2up bookmakers, Paddy Power and Bet 365 well good news, the following bookies now also do 2 ups, Coral, Ladbrokes, Sky and Bar One. So don’t think you cannot do them, that thread is also super helpful, as our members will be posting close matches for 2 ups, which will save you a bit of time searching so again, it’s always worth dipping in and out of that page, if you have a bit more time you can just use odds matcher, and use the 2 up filters, this will show you good close matches…..
DD/HH Now this is a tricky offer, as it does rely on a footballer scoring the first goal in a match, this we back and lay, then if he scores a 2nd or even better another 2 goals in the match, then we will get paid double or even triple if they hit the hattrick after scoring the first goal, it can be a really lucrative offer, but with high rewards come higher risks, personally i wont take any match under 80% so that does mean for a £10 stake you will have a £2 qualifying loss, but again we can refer back to the forum to read about the offer in more detail, and also, any close 80% + matches will be posted in this thread,–SILRrJqDK3NhmSVCX0eGDW7-WAmk
And this little beauty really should be saved in your favourites, if you just check this thread out every day, and i would suggest checking it a few times through the day as extra offers will get added as the bookies release them, but at the time of putting this article together (Friday) There is an easy £40 in profits to be made, just by following all the offer instructions, and following the guides….
Hope that helps in some way, just by doing the horse refunds today i am about £45 in profit, i have two extra place bets to go, and another horse refund, and if i had time to do all the offers in the top reloads section, then it would be around £85 in profit for the day….
Not too bad that for a Friday, if you do have any questions please feel free to ask.