Teaching you Extra Places, spoon by spoon


BetConnect is an exchange that allows us to lay off bets that we’ve backed at the bookies, just like the usual suspects Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook. The main difference with BetConnect is that the process we follow is reversed:

Instead of backing a bet and then finding the market for it on the exchange as we would normally do, we are instead offered lay bets and we then decide whether we want to back them at the bookies. If we decide we want them, we back and lay as normal. Pat on the back job done etc. That’s pretty much the only difference between BetConnect and the other exchanges. It will feel like an unusual concept at first but once you get used to it then it’ll all click into place – just like when you first started matched betting and couldn’t get your head around liability, or the fact that half-time/full-time is not the same as win both halves.

Of course it’s not quite as simple as that and there are a few intricacies you’ll need to familiarise yourself with (mainly because the BetConnect user interface is fucking dumb as fuck), but that’s what this guide is for.

User Interface

Here’s where things get interesting. When you log in the first thing you want to do is switch over to the “lay side” of the site. This is where you’ll find all the bets that are waiting to be matched. To switch, just click this button that’s at the top of your screen:

Once you’ve done that you should select “Horses” from the tabs on the left. And that’s it, you’re good to go. This is what your screen should look like now:

place your bets

Now you’re ready to rumble. You can swipe through the current available bets Tinder-style until you find the one that you want. The most important info you’re paying attention to is whether it’s an each way bet, how many places are being paid, and what the place payout is. Sometimes there are win-only bets for the horse we’re looking for. We don’t want those. In the example above you can see the place payout is 1/5 (which will match with the bookies), and they’re paying on the first 3 horses. If we know a bookie is paying 4 places on that race then we’ve got ourselves an EP.

BetConnect shows you what odds some of the bookies are currently offering, but we won’t really be paying attention to this for reasons that will become clear later. Here you can see both Sky and Boyle have Okita Soushi at 11.00. If we backed at either of those bookies and laid on BetConnect we’d have exactly £0ql. However, neither Sky nor Boyle are paying more than 3 places on that race so it’s a dead bet and we don’t want it. Scrolling through all these bets and checking each one individually would take FoReVeR, but fortunately we’ve got a little helper…


Evie’s going to be trawling each and every bet that pops up on BetConnect, along with all the odds on all the bookies, and she’ll ping you when there’s EP potential available. When she does she’ll tell you the place terms, the remaining stake*, and the bookies you can take the EP on.

*Evie’s BC alerts aren’t sent via DM in the same way as the normal EP/arb alerts are, they’re dropped into the BetConnect alerts channel in DH. This is so she can monitor the current status of the bet and update the alert with new details (such as bookie’s odds and remaining stake) as and when required. These updates are not instant so please do manually check the bet yourself before you put any money down.

An example

Here’s an alert from earlier today. Some degen wants to put a few quid on Thankuappreciate each way (4 places) at 12, and Evie has spotted that it’s at 13 on 888 who are paying 5 places. Let’s gooooooo!

(Ignore where it says “Bet Closed”, that’s just because Evie updated the alert once the order had been filled so there was no more liquidity in that bet. That particular bet popped up multiple times throughout the day – the backer must’ve put an absolute shitload down and BetConnect splits the larger bets into smaller ones, listing them one after the other. When one gets filled and disappears, another appears a few minutes later, until all the liquidity is finally taken and then it goes for good).

Over on BetConnect we Tinder our way through the current bets until we find the one we’re looking for. Bear in mind you can only view the bets on this tab once, but if you accidentally go past it then you can switch tabs from “Bets” to “Viewed” (see main UI screenshot above) and you’ll be able to browse back and forth between anything you’ve already viewed. There’s also a search function which can be found at the bottom right. Click “Selections” to access the filters:

On this bet you can see there’s £72 stake available. Note this is already an Each Way bet (you don’t lay the win and the place separately). If you laid £72 here that would equate to £144 total stake as you would be putting £72 on the win and £72 on the place at the same time. NB: You don’t have to max out these bets, you can lay as much or as little as you like (up to the full amount available). We’re going to back £50ew in this example, because why the fuck not.

Don’t put anything into the stake box yet.

Open up the Daily Hustle BetConnect Optimal Stakes Calculator™ (link here if you need it). This calculator will tell us the optimum amount to lay on BetConnect, plus whether we need to make any adjustments afterwards. Fill out the deets of the bet: Back odds, EW Stake, Place Payout, BC Lay odds and BC Lay Place Payout. Note: don’t put anything into the BC Lay EW Stake box as this is where it’s going to tell us the exact amount to lay.

We’re staking £50 each way on 888 and you can see that Clever Calculator™ tells us the optimal stake to lay is £54.17:

Jet over to 888 and make sure the odds are still at 13. Quick double check to confirm there’s 5 places paid (you don’t have to do this but I’m consistently paranoid so always give it a glance before confirming the bet). It all matches so slam £50 into the stake box, hit e/w, and place the bet. Lovely. Now back at BetConnect, stick £54.17 into the box there and click “lay”.

Aaaaand you’re done.


fixing the place terms

You may have noticed that column on the right of the calculator: the Overlay Adjustments section. This is what we will use to make any corrections we might need to make if the place payout at BetConnect doesn’t match the place payout at the bookies. BetConnect doesn’t allow you to separate the win and place lays: that £54.17 bet we just put on was a combined bet of £54.17 on the win and £54.17 on the place, whether we liked it or not. What we’ll do now is sort out any overlay we may now have on the place lay.

On rare occasions you will find BetConnect’s odds and place terms match the bookies exactly and if this is the case then you don’t need to do anything further, you are good to go. However, most of the time either the odds will be different or the place terms will be different (or both), in which case you need to make some slight adjustments to your lay. It’s going to sound complicated at first but don’t worry, it’s really not.

The win and place odds in this section are automatically pre-filled with the same figures that you put into the back odds box, but you can adjust them if needs be. Head over to Betfair Exchange (or your preferred alternative) and find that horse you just piled in on. Bring up the same place market you just laid – in this case it’s the 4 place market. Find the current back odds for your horsey:

Put these odds into the calculator (and any commission you pay on the exchange, if applicable) and it’ll tell you how much you need to back on the place to bring everything in line. Doing this is basically trading out part of your lay to get to the exact amount you need.

NB: Making these adjustments does not give you a zero QL bet. Once you’ve fixed your lay(s) by the exact amount shown on the calculator then you will have the exact QL shown on the calculator. Evie EW will tell you when you have the opportunity for a zero QL (“Risk Free”) bet, otherwise it will be labelled “Standard EP” or “EP Potential”.

The calculator also has a handy summary at the bottom that you could print out and pin on your wall if you so desire:

Don’t forget BetConnect is an exchange so always make sure you’ve got enough liability available before placing any back bets.

Wrap up & notes

  1. Evie alerts you when there’s EP potential
  2. Check how much liability you’ve got
  3. Check odds and place terms before placing your back bet
  4. Use the calculator to get your optimal stake
  5. Adjust the lays on another exchange as and when required

BetConnect Premium members are able to “lock” liquidity for 60 seconds which gives them opportunity to reserve that bet for themselves, allowing them a full minute before it becomes available to the non-paying plebs like us. This means they’ve got extra time to check their back bet and get it on without the rug being pulled from under them. If you see that the stake has been locked by a premium member you can still try to lay the bet: if there is enough liquidity available then it will still allow you to lay the bet regardless of whether some of it is locked by Premium Showoffs.

If you find yourself in the unlucky situation where the lay bet has been snatched from you in the milliseconds after you placed your back bet, don’t worry. Give it a few minutes and the bet may well pop up again. There is often a lot of money in a single bet and, as mentioned before, BetConnect breaks this down into multiple smaller bets so give it 5 and see if the same bet appears again. If it does then you’re good to go. If, however, that was the last of the liq and the bet is now fully closed, don’t stress about it. You can either cash out your back bet or visit your friendly neighbourhood alternative exchange and lay the bet like a normal EP, albeit with slightly higher QL. No biggie.


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